Born in 1975, Penta stand immediately out in the furnishing market thanks to the originality of its proposal: production and sale of basic complements form home decoration.

Hereafter, the desire to offer the best quality and a unique and recognizable design, encouraged the company to specialize in one branch only: LIGHTING.

This turned out to be the right choice, that allowed Penta to be part of the limited bunch of leading firms in this field.

The company was able to evolve, keeping up with the constant development of technology, with the introduction of innovative materials, maintaining the elegance and the quality that have always characterized it.

To achieve this aim, it was essential the training and the competence of a qualified staff, together with the creativity of brilliant designers and a strict quality control.

In 2016, the result of the meeting between Penta, Henry Glass and Kristalia, with the collaboration of the Art Director Nicola Gallizia, is BSPK; a new generation of Showroom, dedicated to professionals, offering a tailor-made service, innovative materials and a 360° design assistance.

Experience, quality and reliability permitted Penta to establish itself also in the contract branch, where the increasing request of personalized items brought to the constitution in 2017 of a new company of Penta Group: P CUSTOM LIGHT

P Custom Light dedicate itself exclusively to the realization of customized items, offering to architects and designers a complete assistance, from the design to the lighting consultancy, till the production of the item, to realize valued projects, well-finished in each detail.

2017 proves a decisive year in the history of Penta, which extends its composition with the acquisition of Penta Architectural Light, specialized in the conception and production of complex lighting systems, with Led technology completely realized in Italy.

This leads to the birth of Penta Group, the match between three companies of excellence able to accept and satisfy all the requests coming from the lighting market, decorative, technical and custom, always granting the style and the quality of the made in Italy products.